Learn to Sailon Paw Paw Lake   PPL Community SAILING Foundation

Dear PPLYC Members, Friends and Interested Sailors:

Gather your family and friends and join the 2023 Summer Sailing School held at Paw Paw Lake Yacht Club.  The school is open to the public.  We are gearing up to excite and immerse young people and adults in boating as a sport and recreational activity! 

-Discover how to sail in our Youth Learn to Sail sessions

-Build a model sailboat and enter the Great Model Sailboat Race in our Youth STEM class

-Become part of the Youth Elements of Racing class and start applying skills later in the club's scheduled races

-Join Adult Learn to Sail class (4 evening sessions on Tuesday & Thursdays) and as a group socialize after class  

2023 Learn to Sail this Summer@Paw Paw Lake

  • Want your sailor to take part in an all-day sailing experience from 9:00am to 3:00 pm?

Adult Sailors will lean to navigate the waters of Paw Paw Lake, and explore its bays and coastline aboard a Buccaneer sailboat.  Each boat can accommodate 3 students and an instructor. During this time sailors will learn ow to rig the boat, identify parts of the boat, sail away from and to the dock, position the boat using points of sail related to wind direction, and just have FUN sailing on Paw Paw Lake.  After sailing, an evening social event is planned.

Prerequisite(s): Students (21 years old minimum) and must demonstrate ability to swim and must wear life jackets.

  • 4 Consecutive Tuesdays & Thursdays Evenings:  6/27/2023 - 07/13/2023  3pm - 6pm.  A social gathering to follow at 6:30pm.
  • Fee: $140

In this class, youth are introduced to racing skills.  Skills at this level include pointing the boat upwind, holdind the boat on a starting line, acceleration, and buoy rounding.  Students sail on Lasers.  Prerequisite(s): Student age 12 year old minimum, demonstrate ability to swim and must always wear life jackets.  The student is expected to have at least intermediate level sailing skill to enroll.  US Sailing certified instructors, either in student's boat or on safety boat, accompany the students.

Become a Marine Engineer: STEM Sailboat Model Design- Youth Afternoon Classes Recommended if looking for an All-Day Program (See Description Below)

  • Half-Day Session: Monday -Thursday 7/10/2023 - 07/13/2023     1:00pm-3:00pm     Fee:  $100.00
  • See Registration Form

Two 1-week youth sessions that include two levels: Basic and Intermediate

  • Session 1: 6/26/2023 - 6/30/2023    9:00-Noon     Fee:  $200
  • Session 2: 7/10/2023 - 7/14/2023    9:00-Noon     Fee:  $200
  • Phase 1: Take the Elements of Racing (Advanced) Class at PPL Community Sailing School.  This class is held during week 3 and replaces the old Advanced Sailing level.  Date: 7/31/23 - 8/4/23 at PPLYC, 9am to Noon, $200.00

Adult Sailing Lessons

Register them in the morning in Learn to Sail Week 2 Session from 9:00am to Noon.  Pack a bag lunch for them to eat. Register for Become a Marine Engineer between 1:00pm and 3:00pm.  Students spend half-day sailing on the waters of Paw Paw Lake and then explore the science and engineering of boat design in the afternoon.

Both Adult and Youth Sailing Sessions are offered.

  • Learn to Sail - Basic & Intermediate Classes for Youth ages 9-18
  • STEM Become a Marine Engineer - Sailboat Model Design and Fabrication for Youth
  • PPL Elements of Racing ages 12-18
  •  Learn to Sail for Adults - evening classes followed by social gathering

Students become Marine Engineers at Paw Paw Lake Yacht Club during a four day summer water adventure exploring the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics used to design sailboats in a real-hands-on learning experience.  Students fabricate model sailboats using recycled products to enter them in the Great Sailboat Race on Thursday. 

RECOMMENDATION All-Day Sailing & STEM Experience

PPLYC Youth Advanced Class & Racing  -  Save the Dates

Adult & Youth Boater Safety  Please visit the link below for certification

Parents invited on Friday to see students sail at 11:00 AM and then join in an Awards luncheon/ceremony at 12:00 PM.

Choose below from one of two (Youth) Learn to Sail classes offered in June/July:

Basic:  In this class, youth sailors, eight and above, learn the basic skills to sail a small boat independently.  They are taught the parts of a sailboat, points of sail, capsize recovery, and basic knot tying.  This class is meant for both those who are new to sailing and those who want to advance their sailing skills.  Students may sail a one-person boat, the Optimist Pram (Opti), or a two-person boat, the Club 420, depending on the student's age, weight, and skill level.

Intermediate:  In this class, youth sailors gain experience in boat handling skills that enable them to master the points of sail and sail trim in both light and medium winds.  Students will sail faster and smarter with confidence.  Intermediate sailors examine the science behind sailing to understand why a boat floats, accelerates, and remains stable.  Students may sail on Club 420s or Buccaneers.

Prerequisite(s):  Students (8 years old minimum age) and above must demonstrate ability to swim and must always wear life jackets.  The program is based on the US Sailing training system.  US Sailing certified instructors, either in  student's boat or on a safety boat, accompany the students.  All skill levels are welcome to enroll:  beginner, intermediate, or advanced.