Club Organization And Rules


The club is organized with the goal of maximum achievement of its purposes which are to promote the participation and enjoyment of yachting, both power and sail; to sponsor and encourage marine events and all other activities related to yachting and contributing to its pleasure or promotion of its future; to foster a knowledge of seamanship, water safety and yachting etiquette; to encourage in juniors an active interest in yachting; to maintain attractive club quarters, grounds and facilities for the convenience of its members, their guests and visiting yachtsman.

Club business is governed and directed solely by an 11 member Board of Directors consisting of the flag officers, directors, immediate past commodore and the judge advocate.

Flag officers and directors are elected by the membership as specified by the club by-laws. Sailing Vice Commodore, Power Vice Commodore, Fleet Surgeon, and Judge Advocate, as well as all standing and special committees are appointed by the Commodore. Each committee leads one or more of the Club’s activities. Club members serve on these committees on a voluntary basis and success of the club operations depends upon the effectiveness and the full cooperation and participation of the membership. Each member is encouraged to participate in at least one activity yearly.

The annual membership meeting is held on the third Saturday in July at which time suggestions, complaints, and proposed projects should be presented for review and discussion. Actions agreed upon at these meetings are referred to the Board of Directors for disposition. The Board meets at least once a month during the season and members are encouraged to submit suggestions for consideration at these meetings.

Membership classifications are Regular, Junior, Life and Non-Resident. Only regular members or their spouses may vote or hold office. Detailed information regarding membership is provided in the by-laws and fees and dues schedules may be found on a membership application form.

The over-all planning and well being of the club is the responsibility of the Commodore. Matters pertaining to the clubhouse are the responsibility of the Vice Commodore and House Committee. The Rear Commodore is responsible for the parking lot, grounds, and docks. Powerboat events are governed by the Vice Commodore Power, while all sailing events are under the jurisdiction of the Vice Commodore Sail.

All financial matters, including expenditures for club properties and facilities, marine and social events and youth activities, and the general financial well being of the club are the responsibility of the Board of Directors.



The Clubhouse shall be open on such days and hours as determined by the Board of Directors.


Regular members may introduce non-member guests as permitted by the House Rules. On entering the Club premises, the name and address of each guest must be registered in the log immediately. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and must be present at the Club with them. Guests are allowed use of the Club not more than three times in a year, and then only when accompanied by a member, unless approved by the Board. A member should not introduce on the Club premises any person on the delinquent list, or who has been suspended or expelled.


The privileges of the Club are extended to visiting yachtsman and their crews upon

presentation of credentials from another club.


Crew members of yachts owned by club members are permitted use of Club facilities when accompanied by a member.


Members shall conduct themselves in accordance with the high standards of yacht club tradition. Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children.


Raffles and/or other fundraising activities shall not be conducted without Board approval.


Members or guests with wet bathing suits will not be permitted in the Clubhouse.


Pets are not allowed within the clubhouse.


No member shall use the property of another member without the other member’s permission. The Club cannot be responsible for loss or damage to personal property of members and guests.


A member removing Club equipment from the premise or holding the same without permission of the House Committee or Board of Directors shall be subject to expulsion. All damages to Club property by a member or his guests shall be paid for by the member. Cigarettes must be deposited in the receptacles.


Suggestions or complaints regarding the Club property or services shall be addressed in writing to the Board of Directors.



The Clubhouse facilities are available on a service charge basis to accommodate Club members, not for business or profit. The following rules prevail:

1. Complete facilities are available for member private parties from May 15 through November 15 when compatible with Club schedules.

2. There is a service charge as specified in the rental agreement plus a $50.00 deposit to cover damage or breakage, payable in advance accompanying the reservation form. Forms may be obtained from the Commodore. All liquor (beer and beverages) must be obtained through the club.

3. The charges as outlined above may be waived for recognized organizations at the discretion of the board. There will be no charge for use of the facility for funeral lunches immediately following the funeral of a member.

4. The Club must not be used for any purpose contrary to existing governmental regulations, laws or ordinances.

5. Beverages used at private parties must be purchased from the Yacht Club through the Vice Commodore payable in advance. Any unused material is to be resold to the Club in compliance with the Liquor Regulations of the State of Michigan.

6. Damage occurring shall be the responsibility of the member sponsor, and the member will so be charged.

7. The sponsor shall waive damage claims to person or property for any occurrence about the property. If any claims for damage against the Paw Paw Lake Yacht Club for any reason arising out of the sponsor’s use of property should occur, the sponsor shall defend indemnify and save the Club harmless from any and all claims.


1. All cancellations of reservations that are made after the food is ordered will be billed the full door price of the party to cover food, decorating, and set up costs.


All members shall abide by the House and Ground Rules. Violation of any the rules are subject to action by the Board of Directors.



Parking is not permitted at the front of the Club. This area must be kept clear for loading and passengers and to facilitate caterers. Vehicles must not be parked in the area west of the garage, blocking the drive to our neighbors on the north.


Alcoholic beverages may not be taken out of the Clubhouse or beyond the fence which is considered to be part of the club. Such beverages must not be taken elsewhere on the Club property. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the Club.


Cans, refuse, and cigarette stubs, shall be placed in containers provided. Bottles and glasses shall be returned to the bar.


The hoist is provided for launching dry-sailed boats. The Club cannot be responsible for personal injury or damage resulting from the use of the hoist. Power must be turned off and locked at any time the hoist is left unattended.


No running on, diving from piers. Club is not responsible for personal injury or property damage resulting from docking and using piers.


The Club will not be responsible for any loss or damage in connection with cars or boats parked on the Club premise.


Storage of unused boats, trailers, skids or private equipments of any kind is prohibited.


Swimming is permissible from the Club beach at own risk. Children must not be left at the beach unattended.

Revised 11/04

Approved 11/04