The Sailing foundation Board and PPLYC are concerned about the safety of students, families, instructors, and volunteers during this Covid-19 pandemic.  Because of uncertainties about the viral spread in July of last summer (2020), we elected to cancel that season.  With the hope of widespread vaccinations, we believe the pandemic should be coming under control by July 2021.  By taking the following precautions, we anticipate sailing and STEM classes can be safely held again at PPLYC.  We of course will still need to follow CDC guidelines.

Tentative Covid-19 Guidelines Summer 2021

1. We will screen students and staff daily with a Covid-19 symptom questionnaire and record infrared forehead temperatures

2. Quarantine requirement if student/staff has had significant outside Covid-19 exposure - keep home for 14 days or 1 week after negative test

3. Student/staff to stay home if symptomatic and get tested

4. Mask requirement always

5. Avoid congregating in large groups.  Keep 6' apart

6. Parents to mask and stay distanced when registering student

7. Parents to pick up children promptly at the end of the session to avoid kids congregating after class

8. Clubhouse will be closed except for use of bathrooms

9. Students will use their own life jackets

10. We will emphasize solo sailing with one student assigned to the same boat for the entire week if possible

11. Teaching to be outside only (under cover if necessary) with students assigned to a small group for the week.  The group (pod) would limit transmission of virus and allow for contact tracing

12. We will stagger launching and returning boats to the ramp to avoid congestion and close contact with kids/instructors

13. Hand sanitizing pre- and post-class

14.  Boat sanitizing at end of day

"Sailing can be a life-long sport, passion, and adventure!"                                                                                                                         -Jeff Phillips PPLYC Past Commodore and President of the PPL Community Sailing Foundation 

Welcome to the 2021 Sailing & Boating Season sponsored by the Paw Paw Community Sailing Foundation at Paw Paw Lake.  You, your family & friends are invited to participate. 

Our mission is to provide sailing and water safety instruction to youth and adults at an affordable price, and to provide a safe, fun environment in which they can learn and appreciate our natural resources provided at Paw Paw Lake.

We have a great sailing season ahead.  Start your sailing adventure now!  Check out each of the sailing activities below, choose activities you want to participate in, and then sign up for a true summer boating adventure!

Sailing & Boating on Paw Paw Lake