PPL Race & Traveling Regatta Team consists of a selected group of youth sailors who wine tune their racing skills on Paw Paw Lake, and then travel to 3 regattas hosted by West Michigan Youth Sailing on consecutive Fridays at varying locations with in South West Michigan (see above).  There are two components to this class:

Component One:  takes place on Paw Paw Lake on 2 Mondays (July 8/15) and 2 Wednesdays (July 10/17) where students learn racing rules, boating safety, how to sail using different types of race courses, and how to pack and load a trailer.

Component Two:  is the Traveling Regatta Team experience.  There will be 3 regattas that students will participate on Fridays (July 12/26 &  August 9).  The traveling regatta sessions begin with drop-off at PPLYC at 9:00am and Pick-up at PPLYC at 4:00pm.

Prerequisite(s):  Students must be 14 years or older, been in the Sailing Program for 2 years or more, and meet the approval of the Director of the PPL Community Sailing Foundation, Jeff Philips.  Call 269-506-0440.

Sailboat Racing at Paw Paw Lake Yacht Club

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