Did you know that yacht racing has been sponsored by Paw Paw Lake Yacht Club since its inception in 1898?  Currently organized races are held each summer Sunday from July throught August on the lake starting at 2pm.  The races feature one design boats - Stars, Buccaneers, Flying Scots, and Lasers - all are welcome.  Depending on the turnout there will be separate starts or a combined handicapped race.  We have a dedicated race committee that sets the course, starts and finishes the races, and keeps the scores and the rules!  At the end of the racing season the Yacht Club has an award presentation each fall. 

Now here is the question:  Would you be interested in participating in the races?  Get your feet wet?  Have fun?  Here are some ideas!

  • Race your own boat
  • Crew for another boat owner
  • Volunteer to serve on the race committee
  • Take one of our sailing courses
  • Other ideas

We are always open to helping new sailors obtain boats to get started racing.  Just ask! 

If you are a graduate of our Paw Paw Lake Community Sailing Foundation School, you are encouraged to take the next step and participate in the Sunday races.  A youth racing program on Paw Paw Lake is a goal of the Foundation.  Opportunity for youth racing is currently available through our affiliate - the St. Joseph Junior Foundation - with travel to regattas in SW Michigan an opportunity. 

Anyone interested in becoming a Star or Buccaneer sailor, crewing on a boat, or helping with the sailing program at Paw Paw Lake, please contact Jeff Phillips 269-506-0440

Sailboat Racing at Paw Paw Lake Yacht Club